Lower abs routine

Leg flutters:
Begin on your back with your knees hugged into your chest. Release by relaxing your arms by your sides and have your legs float up in the air, feet flexed. With your upper body relaxed, lower your legs so they hover the floor. By engaging your abs, try to keep your lower back connected to the floor and begin to flutter your feet up in down with a very small range of motion. When you start to flutter your legs, you are really activating your lower abs. Make sure arms and hands stay relaxed!

Scoop ups:
Begin in a boat pose; seated position with your arms straight out at shoulder height, legs lifted with a bent knees so shins are parallel to the ground, and toes pointed. While holding this pose, extend your legs down and straighten them, then begin to scoop your legs back up in that bent knee position to return to your boat pose. Think of this as moving your legs downward and to challenge your core, scooping up to work your lower abs, and then back to boat pose to reset. To modify, you can come back onto your forearms and do the same legs.

Seated toe taps:
Begin in a seated position with your legs out straight and leaning back onto your forearms. Lift your legs so your knees are bent and shins are parallel to the ground. Keep your left leg up and bent tap your right toe down to the ground and lift it back up. Then tap your left toe to the ground and lift it back up. The further you reach your toes, the harder it is. Engage your core, especially your lower abs to control this move.

— Submitted by Eliza S., University of Massachusetts Amherst